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About Dr. Desai:

Dr. Jay Desai grew up in Northern New Jersey, where he realized from a young age he wanted to be a health care professional. A standout student during his undergraduate education at Drew University, Dr. Desai went on to attend dental school at the prestigious NYU College of Dentistry from which he graduated from in 1991. He has maintained a successful private practice in New Jersey for the past 22 years with an emphasis on aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

About the product:

The Face of Youth was initially designed by Dr. Desai with the intention to help patients with TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders).  After evaluating patients who had been using the device for several weeks, Dr. Desai noticed that their facial muscles had become far more tightened and toned than prior to using the Face of Youth (in addition to helping with their TMD).  The patients noticed also!  Many commented on how firmer and better their face felt.  Others said that pre-existing jowls and areas of sagging skin had gradually diminished.  Still others marveled at wrinkles becoming far less noticeable.  After a few minor modifications, Dr. Desai decided to have his patients use the device for purely cosmetic purposes - to simply tighten, tone, and firm the face.  And the results have been spectacular!